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TREC-STEP is a multi-dimensional developmental organization promoted in 1986, by the central and state governments of India, along with the financial institutions and other institutions for promoting technology and entrepreneurship initiatives. It is a technology business incubator with a strategic focus on promoting new entrepreneurial start-up ventures into successful high growth business ventures. TREC-STEP has worked with a number of international developmental organizations in development projects, such as UNDP, UNIDO, European Commission, the World Bank infoDev, British Council Division, etc., TREC-STEP has worked almost with all the government agencies, development agencies and major financial institutions, in development projects focusing on the technology and entrepreneurship domain. TREC-STEP has also won many awards and accolades from the Government of India, the World Bank, the European Union and others. For more information, kindly visit www.trecstep.com …
Bharath Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), is a major public sector Navratna corporation and is ranked among the leading power plant manufacturers in India. One of its foremost manufacturing facilities in BHEL is the Tiruchirappalli complex, located in the southern India with following plants: 1.High Pressure Boiler Plant 2. Seamless Steel Tube Plant and 3. Boiler Auxiliaries Centre together with the leading research and educational institutions such as 1. Welding Research Institute 2. Coal Research Unit 3. Bharathidhasan Institute of Management etc. This facility setup at 1963 for manufacturing high pressure boilers achieved its full annual capacity to design, manufacture and supplying up to 4000 MW in 1984 with boiler unit rating upto 500MW. Spread over an area of 2098 acres at Trichy, it has covered shop area of 2,50,000 sq. mt.. BHEL, Trichy is also the first state-owned company of India to achieve ISO 9000 certification in 1993, accredited to ISO 14001 standard, signifying its clear commitment to clean and pollution free environment and won many national and international accolades in these areas. For more information, kindly visit: http://www.bheltry.co.in/